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Carousel Sniper Victim

Aug 30, 2017

In this episode we explore the history of the western third of the Australian continent. From discovery and colonial settlement, through to massacres of native Australians and 20th century killers.

*Warning to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders. Contains names of deceased persons and subject matter that may offend*

Aug 25, 2017

In our first edition of "The Breakdown" episodes, Jack and myself go over all the events and crazy conspiracy theories that go along with Martin Bryant and The Port Arthur Massacre. 

Not for the easily offended. Contains many drunken, naughty words and very, very bad jokes.

Aug 21, 2017

The Port Arthur Massacre.

On that fateful day in April 1996, local man Martin Bryant chose his victims, using a military-style firearm to shoot dead 35 people and severely injure 23 others in a massacre that would forever change the Australian culture, especially in relation to gun ownership. 

A Dead Glass Design...