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Carousel Sniper Victim

Aug 8, 2019

Are you ready to brave the perils of Colonial Park?

You'll need your map, pen, binoculars, paper, sense of adventure, as well as an ability to not be easily offended by immature behaviour, drunken park rangers, culturally inappropriate accents... and a bunch of other bullshit.

On your guided tour of the park you will be accompanied by 4 experienced cryptid game wardens. Longstanding veterans of both Carousel Sniper Victim and Robots For Eyes.

Along the journey you will encounter a plethora of mythical creatures and cryptids, some real, some merely figments of the game warden/ park rangers' collective imaginations... Can you identify all the made up mythical creatures whilst on your journey through the park?

Please keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and please, no flash photography... or ordinary photography for that matter. See security for details upon arriving at the park. Average tour length: 2 hours.

Help for Veterans- Legacy
Mental health issues- Beyond Blue
Domestic Abuse- Lifeline
Caring for someone with a drug problem?- Here.


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Produced by Shaun Jeffery

Original Score by Leigh Massoni

Big thanks to the lads @ Robots For Eyes Podcast, Brigit, Guy and Jack for their inspiring thespian performances.

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