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Carousel Sniper Victim

Apr 21, 2019

Time to breakdown the hideous crimes of Bilal Skaf and the Sydney Gang Rapes. This episode contains, obviously, some confronting material, controversial discussions, as well as dark humor and offensive behavior. Definitely NSFW.


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Apr 5, 2019

Time to breakdown the false flag attack that was the Miami Showband Massacre- with a special guest interview with Australia's favorite Constable! Plus Brexit talk, sea shanties and the ramifications of a "no deal" England economy. Who knew we're basically political correspondents...


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Mar 15, 2019

Straight up warning up top, I got a bit emotional talking about the events that transpired in New Zealand today (Friday 15/03/2019)

It was only right up top before we dived into the episode proper, if you don't want to hear that skip to around 00:05:00

Now that that's out of the way on with some laughter and...

Mar 4, 2019

Anyone up for a fun number game of "How Hitler are you?" 

Well, strap in as we breakdown the inhumane shenanigans of the WW2 concentration camps, you might even learn something along the way!

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Feb 18, 2019

In the freedom-loving corner, representing Australia, the beautiful land down-under: Carousel Sniper Victim.

In the other corner, lovers of slavery, tyranny of the free, sovereign puppets of the oppressive British Empire:
Robots For Eyes.

Ladies and Gentleman, we present to you, the first annual-
Podcasting Ashes Of...